Company profile Zhuhai chuangsi Amperex Technology Limited is located in Pingdong Zhuhai Nanping Science and Technology Park Nine chuangsi Science Park Road, is a professional solution for the automated production of new energy industry and equipment suppliers. The company's R & D, office, production site with a total area of over 10000 square meters, the main business: battery testing equipment, PACK automated production lines, PACK products and industrial robots. The company has a group of professional and experienced materials, machinery, electrical, electronic and automatic control and other high-tech personnel, with a number of independent intellectual property rights. We cooperate with famous enterprises at home and abroad research institute and university research institutions combination, common development, tailored for the enterprise of new energy industry automation production equipment and related products, help customers improve the level of automation and management, at the same time, a positive response to the state's new energy strategy, protecting the earth's environment, to create a blue sky for human.
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